Rumor Mill
Over the last several seasons, we have been the subject of quite a few rumors. We’re not sure how they get started. Some are quite funny. Others are not. We thought that we would address some just to put some minds at ease.

» “Don’t bother trying out at Axis. They’re going out of business.”

We have heard this one almost every year of our existence. We may be a small organization, but we are sound financially and entering our 7th season! (Thank you to all of you who have supported Axis Elite for these past seasons.) Each team that we form is set to make it on its own. Our budgeting process is set so that each team breaks even in keeping with our IRS 501(c)3 non-profit status.

» “The Directors have exorbitant salaries.”

There is a reason that each of us has a different full-time job. It allows us to feed our families and then volunteer our time to help train the best volleyball players in our area at Axis Elite. Many people have hobbies like golf, fishing, boating, etc. Our hobby is our passion – VOLLEYBALL!

» “Coach Mike is leaving Axis and forming his own 17/18’s team.”

This one takes on a different coach name and age group each year. We think it’s just to see which parents and players get their feelings hurt when their player is not mentioned on the list of “dream” roster. Regardless of the reason, this one gets a lot of traction every year just before tryouts begin.

» “Axis is selling their land. They are not going to build.”

There is a little truth to this one. Recently, we have put a sign on the corner of our property to sell the front corner. This has always been the plan in order to generate more income for the remaining part of the property. But that’s it for the truth to this rumor.

We are just about ready to build the courts – both outdoor and indoor. We should be moving dirt very soon as the permitting and final designs are being completed. We will have pictures for this very soon.

» “Axis is merging with…”

This is similar to the rumor of us going out of business. We have heard several rumors about merging with different clubs. We can honestly say that we are not entertaining the idea of merging with anyone else. We do work closely with some of the best clubs in the country for ideas on continually improving an already great training program. Let’s face it. Before Axis, there were not a lot of premier college coaches coming to SC for recruiting. We are changing that in just the 6 short seasons we have been in business. And, we will not rest on our past accomplishments because we have quite a bit more that we want to accomplish. One of our goals is to be recognized with the Best of the Best in the country. In order to do that, you have to go play the best. That’s why we are always looking for tournaments that will make us better. It’s not just about wins & losses. It’s about the training and getting our college signees ready to compete and earn playing spots during their first year on campus. The results show our training does work!

» “Axis cannot get your player recruited for college.”

The FACT is that Axis has had and continues to have great success in recruiting our players for the next level. We teach our players how to look for schools, communicate with coaches and get them ready for the next level. Axis players enter college ready to compete when they arrive on campus. We hear that from many college coaches and why we have more and more contacting us to see who can fit their positional needs coming up.

We may not be as big of a club as some of the others, but we have just as many college players, if not more, as they do. Check out our players and schools on our Recruiting page. We think our results will convince you.

» “Axis is the very BEST for training.”

Okay, this is one is true. We are the best at training your player in the game of volleyball. Come check us out and see why lots of coaches will tell you that they love the Axis-trained players.

Let us know if you hear more. We are more than happy to discuss our plans and programs with you. We want the very best for you and your players. Your family matters to us.

Axis Elite Volleyball Academy